See Nottingham in Summer 2024

Have you joined the Watson Fothergill Walk yet? Many subscribers have already enjoyed my tour of Nottingham’s architecture (thank you!) but maybe you’ve been putting it off? There’s no better time to give it a try or to tell friends who you think would enjoy looking up!

Booking is now open for July and new dates in August (click the dates below to visit ticket pages).  All tickets £15 each plus Eventbrite fee.

Watson Fothergill Walk, Sunday 28 July, 10 am

Watson Fothergill Walk, Sunday 18 August, 10 am

Watson Fothergill Walk, Thursday 29 August 6 pm

Or do you have a small group who would like a private tour? I can conduct the Watson Fothergill Walk or Hine Hike for you and your group.

Prices start from £20 per person (minimum 6 people) See updated terms and conditions.

Email me to choose a date and time.

Deco In the Details

If you’ve already completed my other walks, maybe you could help me design the next one? Deco in The Details is coming soon. I will be exploring Nottingham architecture and social history of the 1920s and 1930s.

This work-in-progress event will be on Thursday 18 July, 6 pm

Tickets have been simplified and are £10 each (plus booking fee). I also hope to run this tour again in the future. Many thanks and hope to see you soon – Lucy.