The Bodega, Pelham Street: Part Two

Previously, I began telling the story behind the building of The Bodega on Pelham Street. These days it's a popular music venue and bar, but it's been through several image changes over the years... I spoke to Alan Clifford on BBC Radio Nottingham about the building. While it's nothing to do with Watson Fothergill (as… Continue reading The Bodega, Pelham Street: Part Two

Events, Watson Fothergill in Nottingham

Thanks for the reviews!

A busy August so far with several walks, both public and private. It's great to share the love for Nottingham's architecture with so many people. Here's some of the Facebook reviews I've received so far. A very informative and interesting walk, Lucy is obviously very passionate about the subject. A very hot, sunny Sunday so… Continue reading Thanks for the reviews!

Watson Fothergill in Nottingham

Watson Fothergill Videos from Liberty Gate

The Nottingham estate agents Liberty Gate have a YouTube channel where they post videos relating to the property market in the city. They have posted two on the subject of Watson Fothergill: A short history of Watson Fothergill: And, excitingly, a tour of the inside of "Fothergill Chambers", Fothergill's Office building on George Street… Continue reading Watson Fothergill Videos from Liberty Gate

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Inside Fothergill House (Jessops)

Once again I've made it inside one of the Watson Fothergill buildings that features on The Watson Fothergill Walk. Lucy in action on King Street. Photo: Lamar Francois Thanks to Alec Frusher (a keen Nottingham food blogger who follows me on Twitter, and who just happens to work in one of the largest Watson Fothergill… Continue reading Inside Fothergill House (Jessops)