Benjamin Creswick in London

A visit to London and I pulled in quite a few Victorian landmarks including Thomas Carlyle’s House,  using the last couple of days on my Art Fund Card (highly recommended if you visit a lot of museums).

Carlyle’s House features a bust of the writer on the front of the building, the portrait sculpted by Creswick after a design by C.F.A. Voysey.

Thomas Carlyle by Benjamin Creswick
Carlyle’s House, Chenye Row, Chelsea, London. (Photo: Lucy Brouwer)

Benjamin Creswick, as you will remember if you’ve been on the Watson Fothergill Walk or if you read my earlier blog, sculpted the terracottas on two of Watson Fothergill’s Nottingham Buildings. His masterpiece however is the fantastic frieze that resides on the front of the Worshipful Company of Cutler’s Hall near St Paul’s Cathedral. I took a detour after an excellent walking tour of the Square Mile of the City of London with London Walks to have a look, and it did not disappoint.

Cutler’s Hall, Warwick Lane, St Paul’s, London (Photo: Lucy Brouwer)


Details of the Creswick Frieze
Close up of the figures
Larger than the Nottingham work
Detailed and well observed
Modelled from life (Photos: Lucy Brouwer)


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