Nottingham Heritage Champions 2020!

Last week I was invited by The Story of Nottingham, the Nottingham Heritage Partnership, to pick up a Heritage Champion 2020 medal at The Urban Room!

Some of the Nottingham Heritage Champions 2020!

After some community workshops and an online survey, about a dozen of us were picked to be #HeritageChampions2020. As you can see the other medallists were a diverse bunch, including among others a Chinese Heritage Vlogger, an historian of Black coal miners, an urban greening activist, Nottingham’s premier cultural newspaper Left Lion, a skateboarding collective and even the 21st century Robin Hood!

Medals await their recipients.

A big thank you to everyone involved! It was a real surprise to be recognised in this way and to meet some of the other people who all work so hard to celebrate and share the heritage of Nottingham.

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