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Tell Me Something I Don’t Know… L.G. Summers (2019)

In support of Primary taking their talk series Tell Me Something I Don’t Know online for a special event, some of their past talks are now available to listen to on Soundcloud.

In February 2019, I was one of the speakers at TMSIDK #9 and my talk, “Researching Architects and Finding Drag Queens” is now available here.

Photo assumed to be Lawrence George Summers (Source: )

I talked about my research into Watson Fothergill’s assistant, Lawrence George Summers and some of the paths that led me to explore.

I’ve written about being on the trail of Summers before here and here.

Design for a Town Hall by Lawrence G Summers. Lithograph from The Buildings News, 1974.

The Fothergill book I refer to in the talk is Fothergill: A Catalogue of the Works of Watson Fothergill by Darren Turner, which is available from the author.

The door to L.G. Summers office, inside 15 George Street, Nottingham. Photo: Lucy Brouwer.
Douglas Byng. Half-Brother of Louise, L.G. Summers’ wife, and one of “The Queens of England”

The online Tell Me Something I Don’t Know takes place live on YouTube on 8 July 2020, 6pm. Check the Primary website for details: PRIMARY