Watson Fothergill in Nottingham

Private Walks… for 6 people or 2 households

Walking The Carrington Crawl in 2020. Photo @bigoldhouse

While I’m really looking forward to being able to lead tours again, until at least 17 May 2021, the maximum number of people that can be accommodated on a guided walk is 6* (or groups from 2 households). The guide (me!) is NOT included in that number.

While social distancing remains in place, 8 people (from 2 households) is the maximum group size that can be accommodated. If you’d like to organise a private walk then please contact Lucy to pick a date.

The original Watson Fothergill Walk, Hine Hike and Carrington Crawl walks are all available for a minimum fee of £75. More details on the Bookings page.

*as per guidelines from Visit Britain.