Extra Event: Watson Fothergill Walk 30 September, 1pm

Due to the previous walk being sold out, I've added another walk in the afternoon on 30 September 2018. Meet for 1pm at Nottingham Tourism Centre, tickets are £12 each and once again the walk will finish at Debbie Bryan with tea or coffee and cake included. Please let us know if you have any… Continue reading Extra Event: Watson Fothergill Walk 30 September, 1pm


William Burges & The Gothic Revival

I recently visited Cardiff Castle to see William Burges' Clock Tower and the fantastical interiors he designed for the Marquess of Bute. Exterior of the Clock Tower at Cardiff Castle. (Photo: Lucy Brouwer). William Burges (1827-1881) was one of Watson Fothergill's great influences, his name and dates being one of those carved onto the front… Continue reading William Burges & The Gothic Revival


Benjamin Creswick – Sculptor

One of the most interesting discoveries I’ve made while researching the buildings of Watson Fothergill is the identity of the sculptor of the terra cotta panels on two of his Nottingham city centre buildings. It turns out that the panels on the Parliament Street side of Furley & Co. grocers (now Lloyds Bank) and Fothergill’s… Continue reading Benjamin Creswick – Sculptor


More Walks with Debbie Bryan

My collaboration with Debbie Bryan continues with two more walks scheduled... Tickets for 23 August, 2pm on EVENTBRITE This is an afternoon walk, with tea (or coffee) and cake at Debbie Bryan at the conclusion. There will be another walk with a morning start on 30 September, 10am. Tickets on EVENTBRITE. I hope that you… Continue reading More Walks with Debbie Bryan


Heritage Open Days – Taster Walks

Beauty in the details: Guided Lace Market Tour in Nottingham I'm going to be leading some short, free walks for Heritage Open Days (HODS) in September. In colaboration with Debbie Bryan, from her shop and tearoom in the Nottingham Lace Market.  I'll be introducing the history of the buildings on St Mary's Gate in the… Continue reading Heritage Open Days – Taster Walks


2nd walk in the sun!

I made a Twitter "moment" of some of the pictures from yesterday's (July 15th) walk... https://twitter.com/NotRock/status/1018786420390072321 Thanks to everyone who joined me. News of future events coming soon. Sign up for the mailing list here. Queens Chambers with a very blue sky.